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New Specialist Fleet Engineer

Since the 14th June 2018, Louis Salisbury has joined the Dawsongroup Sweepers team as our own in house Specialist Fleet Engineer, based at our Pucklechurch depot.

As part of Louis’ role, he will be looking after and maintaining the tanker side of the fleet including performing regular services and offering specialist technical assistance. In addition, using his previous experience he will build a team around him and  deliver in house training to our current engineers as well as being able to offer operator training for our customers.

Also, with Louis joining the team, it has meant that we can expand on the service contracts we were previously able to offer, adding  the full range of Gully Tankers including Kilowwhale and JHL to the list of machines we can now provide service and maintenance for.

Moreover, we now have the ability to offer a larger range of services that we couldn’t before, such as annual tank tests and loler tests and with Louis’ expertise and knowledge, he makes this possible.

Welcome to the team Louis!