Chassis Mounted Sweepers

Johnston VT650
  • Johnston VT650

The VT650 road sweeper was created  to meet the needs of the most demanding municipal and contractor requests.

DAF or Iveco chassis. 15t Road sweepers released in 2003 the twin engined VT650 sweeper is powered by a dedicated high powered auxiliary engine and designed with reliability and durability uppermost in mind.  The VT650 Road sweeper is designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding municipal and contractor applications.  It is equipped with dual sweep, autolube, variabrush, wanderhose beacons and CCTV.

Gross Vehicle Weight (Kgs): 15000-18000
Unladen (Kgs): 11000
Hopper Capacity: 8.0 cu.m (6.9 cu.m payload)

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Chassis: DAF

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