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Farid Mini Matic
  • Farid Mini Matic

Developed from the Satellite 'Mini Compactor' range of vehicles, the Farid Minimatic is a semi-compaction body with an 8m capacity and manufactured in steel material for a truly versatile range of refuse collection and recycling tasks.

The Minimatic is a fully sealed; one piece construction body with compaction ratio of 3:1 ensures no leakages, making it ideal for any types of recycling or general waste collection on a chassis GVW of 7.5t.

The Minimatic comes with an integral Farid comb bin lift capable of handling all types of bins from 120 litres to 1100 litres capacity and food waste caddies or 'slave type' bins.  Alternatively, hand loading is achieved by lowering the rear drop-down rave plate which can be opened at a moments notice and safely stowed away using the bin lift.

Gross Vehicle Weight (Kgs): 7500

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